Measuring one-repetition maximum for 2023

Huh, it’s been almost two months since I last wrote something here. These past few weeks have been quite rough and I didn’t have much time nor energy to write about what I was doing.

My deadlift one-repetition maximum of 152.5 and the gym logo in the
back. (2020-09-08)
My deadlift one-repetition maximum of 152.5 and the gym logo in the back. (2020-09-08) (full size)

However, something great happened today! A friend of mine that lives in Rio Grande do Sul came to São Paulo and we gave CT. PowerGym, my trainer’s gym, a try. Fortunately, we both had our 1RM on the same day. Now, being fair here, I didn’t have much expectations. What is there to be done? Lift weights the same way we do on all the other gyms, isn’t it? I had a pleasant surprise to discover that training on a place design for your sport is way more fun than the alternative!

I interacted with a some athletes there and we even had a funny discussion regarding the proper way to do the bracing movement. It was quite an experience! Regarding my 1RM, these were my results:

Movement KG
Squat 160
Bench Press 75
Deadlift 152.5
Total 387.5

I’m quite happy with it, I even noticed that I reached my squat goal for 2023!1 Considering that I started training in January and couldn’t even deadlift 50KG properly, this is a really good progress. Hopefully, next year I’ll be able to reach all the goals I had set for 2023.

  1. I am now aware that I stretched these goals a lot. 😁 ↩︎

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