I'm finally on a diet

After having a blast measuring my 1RM for the first time, I decided to step up my game and get into a diet again after a long time. My trainer recommended me the Nutritionist Leopoldo Leão. This diet is oriented towards my goal of improving in Powerlifting and reducing the number of insulin spikes (to lose fat).

It’s been a month since I started the diet. For a week I thought it didn’t have enough food to sustain me through a day. Boy, was I wrong… I’ve never felt this good in a while! I didn’t feel hungry a single day nor felt bloated, it’s absolutely amazing. What’s more important, this is not restrictive at all as I still eat everything I love!

This is absolutely not a recommendation and you should not follow this diet without consulting a nutritionist before.


Coffee, juice or tea.


Use butter, requeijão1, table cream, olive oil or mayo to prepare the food. Eat 6-8 eggs or 300g-400g of cheese, pork or meat.


200g-250g of cake or 220g-280g of ice cream or 80g of peanut candy or 60g of buttery toast or 150g of cheese.


Same as lunch but I can also eat fish or chicken.

  1. It’s a Brazilian cheese similar to cream cheese. ↩︎

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