A small workflow problem I'm facing

I have a lot of fun writing posts for this blog, how things are setup also contributes a lot for this. Right now, there’s a single Org file holding all of its content. It is extremely easy to cite older posts, navigate through the text and write a new piece.

However, I’m currently facing a problem regarding Git and unfinished articles. See, sometimes I take a bit of time to finish writing a more elaborate post1 and the problem is that by the time I make it a work in progress, I have this hanging piece of text on my file that only introduces conflicts on Git.

The workflow goes like this:

  1. I start writing a piece and think it will take more time than expected
  2. I mark it as TODO and commit with a wip: <article-slug> commit message
  3. When I want to get back to write it, I rebase to that commit, edit the rest of the text and continue the rebase
  4. Now I have to fix the conflict with the newer articles

I don’t know how to fix this, and it’s starting to cause me trouble as the number of incomplete articles can’t be too big, otherwise I’ll have a rebase nightmare.

For the time being, I’m using my Org Agenda setup and a sketch book and it has been working fine. I start writing the articles there and once they are done, I paste them on the blog:

 Future Ideas
  todo:       IDEA article: Suckless-like NixOS NAS with Secret management and Backups              :nix:linux:shell:personal:
  todo:       IDEA article: Restricting users to SFTP on NixOS                                      :personal:nix:linux:
  todo:       IDEA article: Why won't people use Matrix?                                            :personal:
  todo:       IDEA article: Streaming videos (or any file) with Giraffe in F#                       :fsharp:dotnet:
  todo:       IDEA article: fscheck discoveries                                                     :personal:

Maybe I’m just over-complicating things for myself with no real benefit… maybe not. Let’s see how it goes!

  1. Absolutely nothing related to procrastination! ↩︎

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