Moving this website to a single Org Mode file

I have always loved GNU Emacs and its integrated computing environment. It has been even better after I started using Doom Emacs1, it basically took care of things I was unable to do properly: make it fast and semantically coherent. Either for the lack of time or technical knowledge.

As most GNU Emacs users, I love Org Mode and I love to write for this blog. So why not join these two things together? ox-hugo let’s me write a org file and turn it into multiple hugo-compatible markdown files. This is quite a feature for me as I like to keep all my stuff into one place2.

It would be pretty cool to have a place to share small trips with pictures and some comments. Thinking about it a bit more, it might work like some sort of microblog but… different? I should start doing it and stop ovethinking. It would be pretty cool to read a huge file with years of history written on it!

Oh, and you can see the file I’m talking about right here: sourcehut:~glorifiedgluer/monorepo/glorifiedgluercom/content/

  1. For the past few weeks it has been even better with the work of github:thiagokokada on the github:nix-community/nix-doom-emacs repository. Really, kudos for taking care of this project! 🎉 ↩︎

  2. Starting a personal monorepo ↩︎