Introducing the 1972 Volkswagen Variant I

It has been no secret for people close to me that I’m passionate about cars since forever. However, for years I avoided getting deeper into the hobby and buying one myself due to the liabilities that might come with it.

Well, this year I decided to gift myself something nice1 and bought a 1972 Volkswagen Variant I. Some people asked me the reason behind such choice and being honest, the best I could say was: “Why not?”.

The 1972 Volkswagen Variant I.
The 1972 Volkswagen Variant I. (full size)

This car’s history is that of a 44 year old family possession. It was quite close to meet the family’s fourth generation since bought. The owner sold it because he had plans to invest on his business. A mix of not having time to take care of the car and needing money.

The 1972 Volkswagen Variant I interior.
The 1972 Volkswagen Variant I interior. (full size)

He started restoring the car a few years ago and took great care of its interior. The only thing not working is the fuel indicator, but that’s a common problem with these cars. The only thing that currently bothers me is the dashboards being covered with a wood-like vinyl adhesive. I intend to change it to the original leather one.

This is a small detail considering that the car has a brand new transmission and a quite new engine. I just need to properly maintain it and everything should be fine.

The probably rusty driver's door.
The probably rusty driver’s door. (full size)

The only thing that is kind of worrying me: a small water infiltration on the driver’s door. A friend of mine recommended making a small drain under the door for the water and also take a look at the rust that might have formed from it.

The 1972 Volkswagen Variant I left side.
The 1972 Volkswagen Variant I left side. (full size)

Currently, it is equipped with adjustable coilovers. Although I’m not into stanced cars, I do like the looks of what we call here “social height”. Leaving one or two fingers of space between the tires and the chassis.

I don’t have big plans other than to restore its interior the closest to its original shape. Maybe buy a set of Fuchs wheels? Perhaps turn it into an electric car in the coming year? I don’t know, so many options! I’ll enjoy the car a little more until I start spending more money than I should on it.

Also, if you live near São Paulo, have an Air-cooled Volkswagen like myself and need a mechanic for it. Consider calling Mecânica Trolezi, as the time of writing, it’s located at Rua Governador Mangabeira, 76 - Jardim Presidente Dutra - CEP 07173-060.

  1. Nice here being subjective, of course. Some family members laughed at my decision. 😁 ↩︎

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