GNU Emacs has a built-in process manager

After a mistyping accident that made me run proced on GNU Emacs' M-x command, I discovered that it has a built-in process manager for UNIX-like systems! Reading its manual, I ended up making the following customization:

updates the buffer automatically, no need to press g
defines the auto update interval, the default being 5 secods
adds some colors to the buffer, to me, making it easier to read
if you are connected to a remote machine, you can also see the processes of it

All of this configured using use-package looks like this:

(use-package proced
  (proced-auto-update-flag t)
  (proced-auto-update-interval 3)
  (proced-enable-color-flag t)
  (proced-show-remote-processes t))

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