addlicense, a tool to automate license headers

For the past few months I have been toying around Standard ML and after some work I pushed my testing library’s, Railroad, first release.

Considering that I wanted to make it single file and that I also have some tests there. It would be nice to have an automated way to add and update license headers on the source files.

After a brief search, I discovered addlicense. This is a tool that does exactly what I wanted: add and update license headers. That’s it.

This is how I used it on my project:

addlicense \
  -c "Perplex Systems" \
  -l apache \
  $(find . -type f -iregex ".*\.\(sml\|smi\|sig\|mlb\)$")

Easy, isn’t it? Just say who you are, feed it the files you want to modify and that’s it!

Unsupported file extensions

If, like me, you are using it with a not so common file extension. The tool will fail silently, in this case, I recommend you take a look and see if your file extension is supported on its source code.

I forked it to introduce the Standard ML file extensions and I also plan on having it update the license headers.

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