Should I… rewrite this blog again?

This post is mostly a rant about the consequences of my own actions. 🤪

One of the core reasons I created this blog was to share ideas and try things out, hence its current description: “Scattered thoughts, ideas and experiences”. However, some things about its current workflow really bothers me.

First, starting with the writing workflow. Right now, I write everything into a single Org Mode file and I really like how easy it is to navigate posts or reference another page. On the other hand, drafting multiple articles become quite hard and I’m not always with GNU Emacs available to me. It’s infuriating to be inspired writing something and remembering you will have to copy-paste and format on another editor later.

Another issue is that I chose to go with ox-hugo instead of plain org-publish. Hugo gives me a lot of features such as image processing and RSS/Atom feeds that I heavily use on this website, but it feels like another piece that doesn’t fit together in the whole and is held with duct tape. I really dislike its template engine, and deeply regret using it’s taxonomies for the URLs. Instead of /blog/<year>/<slug>, I should have kept it as /blog/<slug>.

Media, man! Media! I can never remember how the paths should be when adding a picture to an article. Relative? Absolute? Should the picture go inside static/ or assets/? I don’t fucking know! There was also a moment that I decided to have the pictures for an article be inside a directory named after the post slug. This makes it even worse as all the paths are now gigantic!

I don’t know, maybe I made things too bureaucratic to me for no benefit? Well, I’ll try to improve this in the next few days.

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