Quintal Paraense and Chile 1937

Today, my girlfriend and I went to a Paraense food container called Quintal Paraense, located at “Calçadão Urbanóide” in São Paulo.

We have been there before, but we had never tried Tacacá before. It was absolutely delicious, although we found it to be too strong to eat it by itself. I don’t know, maybe our palate was not used to the strong (and again, delicious) taste it has.

In this table you can see: 2.5L of beer, a tacacá, a pastrami sandwich
with french fries and some tapioca dice.
In this table you can see: 2.5L of beer, a tacacá, a pastrami sandwich with french fries and some tapioca dice. (full size)

After this, we went to IMS Paulista to take a look at Evandro Teixeira’s Chile 1973 exhibition:

A few days after the military coup of September 11th 1973 in Chile, photographer Evandro Teixeira travelled to Santiago, sent by the Brazilian newspaper Jornal do Brasil. His images reveal a city under siege, occupied by the military. Documenting next the funeral of the great Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, he also recorded the first great demonstration against the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. Together with a visual record of the Brazilian military regime in 1964 and 1968, Teixeira’s work in Chile makes up the backbone of this exhibition, highlighting the importance of photojournalism as a tool for freedom of expression and witnessing of reality.

— Instituto Moreira Salles

Consolação Subway Station's entrance located at Paulista Avenue.
Consolação Subway Station’s entrance located at Paulista Avenue. (full size)
(full size)
(full size)
(full size)
(full size)
(full size)
(full size)
(full size)

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