Magit opening on a random window

If everything goes south and I find a better replacement for GNU Emacs, Magit1 would definitely be the hardest to replace. It is deeply ingrained in my daily workflow and I can’t imagine using Git with anything else.

Having said that, I always hated how it would open magit-status randomly. Sometimes on the top, sometimes splitting your screen in half. I’m sure there’s a reason and a rationale behind that, but I could never anticipate where it would pop-up. It’s also funny that I have never considered fixing this problem, I don’t know, I just lived with it… Until I saw a Hacker News comment on how to make it full screen.

(use-package magit
  ;; makes magit fullscreen and restore the windows when closing
  (setq magit-display-buffer-function 'magit-display-buffer-fullframe-status-topleft-v1
        magit-bury-buffer-function 'magit-restore-window-configuration))

As the comment says, this makes all Magit buffers open in full screen and then restore all your windows after closing it.

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