Locking function keys on Thinkpad T495

🗒️ tl;dr: press Fn+ESC. 🤦

I mostly use a desktop computer through the week and a Thinkpad T495 on the weekends. However, something that was driving me insane was how the function keys started to act.

Needing to press the Fn+F5 to be able to refresh a web page or Fn+F1 for help instead of just pressing the damn key! The problem is that I spend most of my time on GNU Emacs, this way I only got angry about the function keys at a rate that didn’t make it worth it a web search nor the stress of pressing it. It was happening in such a perfect frequency to make me go insane!

Today was the day that I said enough and did a web search only to found out that I had to press Fn+ESC to change this behavior.

It is just insane the amount of time I wasted by just postponing this problem to the next weekend!