Kr.Donkas in Guarulhos

🗒️ Hmm… I’m sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the entrance. 😅

Kr.Donkas' second floor.
Kr.Donkas’ second floor. (full size)

Today was a sunny day at a temperature of about 27° Celsius. I was wearing a striped tshirt and black pants. She was wearing a brown sweater and a black skirt.

We decided to try a restaurant that was always shown to us while ordering delivery food or researching a new Korean restaurant. The only two things that made us avoid it was that they have don’t have bimbibaps nor Korean barbecue. Well, who knows, right? The other dishes might be good too!

Two kimchi servings.
Two kimchi servings. (full size)

She’s a huge kimchi fan and this was not a good kimchi. It was not fermented at all, it felt like it was done right before being served. Even the spiceness felt… superficial? Not trying to be mean, but it was just a napa cabbage with pepper, such a bummer.

The Tteokbokki was not that good either, it tasted like a yakisoba and even for that it was too sweet. I would say that the only good dish was the Jey Jey Udon and the chicken entrance. Although, the chicken entrance had a sweet taste to it that we supposed would come from the sweet chilli option on the menu… which we didn’t order either.

Her Tteokbokki.
Her Tteokbokki. (full size)

I don’t know, the Jey Jey Udon was really good and this made us think that we just ordered all the dishes they are not good at. The waiter mentioned that they intend to do Korean barbecues in the future, so we might hop in and see if we have a different experience!

The chicken entrance on the left. On the right, the Jey Jey Udon, a rice
serving and another chicken serving.
The chicken entrance on the left. On the right, the Jey Jey Udon, a rice serving and another chicken serving. (full size)

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