Improving Eglot performance

Yesterday I started to rewrite the mataroa-cli tool for the millionth time. This time I chose Rust to do it for three reasons:

  1. I like its type system1, even though I don’t really like the borrow checker
  2. I can statically compile to multiple architectures, nice for a CLI tool
  3. The toolchain is really good, the LSP and Cargo are a blessing

While writing the initial portion of the code, I noticed a mild input lag every time I added a new crate. Weird, I’m not writing a lot of code and it’s not my computer that is lagging. After a few minutes searching for the root cause, I discovered that Eglot prettifies the LSP’s JSON RPC output. You can read more on the GNU Emacs bug report #65760.

The solution is quite simple:

(use-package eglot
  (advice-add 'jsonrpc--log-event :override #'ignore))

  1. As much as I like Go and its toolchain, I really hate not having Discriminated Unions (called enums in Rust). ↩︎

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