Hwang To Gil in São Paulo

Today, my girlfriend and I went to a Korean restaurant called Hwang to Gil, located at the Bom Retiro neighborhood in São Paulo.

Hwang To Gil's entrance.
Hwang To Gil’s entrance. (full size)

We already went there some months ago, the major factor that brought us back there was the service. It is amazing, even though the servers barely speak Portuguese, they go through the whole process on how to prepare and eat your food.

This time we ordered a samgyeopsal which can be described as a pork barbecue.

My girlfriend's side of the samgyeopsal.
My girlfriend’s side of the samgyeopsal. (full size)

The place is extremely cozy, as you almost feel at home with the nice service they provide and the private table arrangement. It also has a reasonable price, we paid R$150 for the dish and two water bottles.

Hwang To Gil's table layout.
Hwang To Gil’s table layout. (full size)

Hwang To Gil's decoration.
Hwang To Gil’s decoration. (full size)

Before going home, we stopped at Avenida Paulista’s Ben & Jerry’s to order a cone. We ordered a three ball cone with the following flavors: Phish food, Chocolate and Salted Caramel Blondie.

Ben & Jerry's cone.
Ben & Jerry’s cone. (full size)

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