Eglot keybindings that I use

One fun fact about my computing usage is that I use GNU Emacs for a lot of things… but programming. Usually, I don’t find the time to configure all the knobs to have a comfortable programming environment to use at work on big codebases1. It also doesn’t help a lot that I’m working with F# that has awesome support on JetBrains Rider.

However, when I’m coding inside GNU Emacs, I use eglot to connect to multiple LSPs. It has been so long since I started using it that I even forgot that the keybindings were set by myself.

I keep them under the lnamespace” (stands for LSP).

(use-package eglot
  ; ...
  :bind (:map eglot-mode-map
	      ("C-c l a" . eglot-code-actions)
	      ("C-c l r" . eglot-rename)
	      ("C-c l h" . eldoc)
	      ("C-c l f" . eglot-format)
	      ("C-c l F" . eglot-format-buffer)
	      ("C-c l d" . xref-find-definitions-at-mouse)
	      ;; sometimes ionide acts up
	      ("C-c l R" . eglot-reconnect))

  1. Although I use Magit and project.el a lot↩︎

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