Divine gift: 'Archangel Michael Defeats Satan' painting

Today, I was fortunate to receive this extraordinary gift that holds an immense meaning to me. She surprised me with one of my favorite paintings: “Archangel Michael Defeats Satan” by Guido Reni.

The painting and its beautiful frame.
The painting and its beautiful frame. (full size)

Close your eyes. If you don’t like it, at least pretend you liked it! Alright?!”, she said. As if she didn’t know already I would definitely fall in love for it. Not only the artwork mesmerized me, I was immediately captivated by the frame that enveloped the painting.

Closer details of the frame.
Closer details of the frame. (full size)

This painting holds a new meaning to me. Not only the serene figure of a victorious Archangel Michael over an anger Satan serves as a constant reminder of the triumph of good over evil through a battle fought void of malice and full of grace. Now, it also physically represents a significant portion of my heart, forever moved by her thoughtfulness and love.

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