Debian's Wi-Fi is not working after installation

Debian is by far the distribution I have most used. It’s been one decade since I started using it and it’s been a breeze… if it wasn’t for all the small tweaks I have to do after a fresh install.

It’s quite funny that after these small problems I usually enjoy the same installation for years without any problem. Well, this time is the Wi-Fi connection that stopped working after the first reboot.

This seems to only happen if you set a wireless connection during install. Weird isn’t it? The whole problem was at the bottom of the /etc/network/interfaces file:

# The primary network interface
#allow-hotplug <your-wireless-interface>
#iface <your-wireless-interface> inet dhcp
#       wpa-ssid <the-ssid-you-configured>
#       wpa-psk  <the-password-you-configured>

That’s it, commenting everything out made my Wi-Fi work again!

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