A day walking around São Paulo and Saint Vito's Feast

Today was a sunny day at a temperature of about 25° Celsius. I was wearing a striped tshirt and black pants. She was wearing a black sailor dress.

Our view of an abandoned locomotive.
Our view of an abandoned locomotive. (full size)

We decided to give it a try to a weekend fair located at Rua Cônego Martins in Bom Retiro, a neighborhood in São Paulo. We loved it, the food is definitely tasty and has a reasonable pricing. There was a K-Pop contest happening at the time, it was really fun to watch.

As usual for us, we has a bibimbap as the meal of choice. It was followed by a Korean corn dog and a strawberry bingsu (sorry, forgot to take pictures of this one).

A bibimbap.
A bibimbap. (full size)

A corn dog that is half cheese and half sausage.
A corn dog that is half cheese and half sausage. (full size)

After having this amazing lunch, we headed to one of our favorite places (that has appeared here before), Instituto Moreira Salles. Now, we had no clue which exposition was live there, we just wanted to kill time until Saint Vito’s Feast began.

The current exposition is called: Fotografia habitada, antologia de Helena Almeida, 1969-2018.

Estudo para um enriquecimento interior. (1977)
Estudo para um enriquecimento interior. (1977) (full size)

Estudo para um enriquecimento interior. (1977)
Estudo para um enriquecimento interior. (1977) (full size)

Sem título. (2010)
Sem título. (2010) (full size)

Here comes the best part that we waited the whole day to. Saint Vito’s Feast happens at the famous Brás neighborhood in São Paulo. It is an Italian event that has the goal of funding a local nursery school.

Regarding the food, it was awesome. We both had a glass of wine. She had a Spaghetti al sugo, I had a Penne alla puttanesca and a ficazzella afterwards.

The feast's decoration.
The feast’s decoration. (full size)

Spaghetti al sugo.
Spaghetti al sugo. (full size)

Penne alla puttanesca.
Penne alla puttanesca. (full size)

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